Excellent Scholars at Home and Abroad in the Evaluation Field (Ref: RC201003)




Beijing Normal University (BNU) and BNU-HKBU United International College (UIC) invite international talents to be a member of our team and to shape the education landscape together in Greater Bay Area: 




UIC, jointly established by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University in 2005, is the first full-scale collaboration between academic institutions from mainland China and Hong Kong. As a liberal arts college, UIC's education encourages a high level of student-faculty interaction and collaboration. UIC is located in the proximity of Zhuhai, a city which is not only environmental-friendly but also plays a key role in the “Greater Bay Area (GBA)” initiative. Riding on the location, the College endeavors to undertake high quality frontier research in its niche areas which will impact the development of the GBA.




BNU, a prestigious and pioneering university founded a century ago, aspires to epitomize the value of “Pursuing knowledge, Cultivating personality, and Helping the whole world”, which is so typical of Chinese culture. BNU is committed to contributing to the advancement of the nation via championing multi-disciplined innovation and offering quality-oriented education. In the recent years, the University has launched various key projects, including Discipline Development Project, Internationalization Project, Institutional Innovation Project, Condition Insurance Project and CPC Construction Innovation Project.  

北京师范大学是教育部直属重点大学,是一所以教师教育、教育科学和文理基础学科为主要特色的著名学府。北师大秉承“学为人师,行为世范”的校训,形成了“治学修身,兼济天下”的育人理念,通过一流的多学科创新及质量为导向教育理念对国家的进步做出贡献。近年,北师大启动了多个重点项目,包括:学科发展项目、 国际化项目、制度创新项目及党建创新项目等等。


Centre for Evaluation Studies评估研究中心

Centre for Evaluation Studies (jointly established by BNU and UIC) follows China’s national strategy of innovation and development, and stands at the international forefront of knowledge and technology. The Centre aims to forge a collaborative platform for cutting-edge evaluation research by combining research efforts and insights by universities and by societies at large, both in China and abroad. The Centre specializes in exploring and solving the most challenging problems in the current evaluation research field, such as complex object evaluation, AI-aided evaluation, big data evaluation, influential network evaluation, etc. The Centre engages in a comprehensive range of activities such as consultation & evaluation, scientific research, and talent cultivation. The Centre aims to develop into a research and service institution in the field of evaluation research with significant global impact.

评估研究中心 (由北京师范大学与北京师范大学-香港浸会大学联合国际学院共建) 立足国家创新发展理念和国际科学技术前沿,构建凝聚校内外、国内外前沿研究力量的评价研究平台,以探索解决复杂对象评价、人工智能评价,大数据评价、影响力网络评价等当前评价领域中前沿性问题来凝练发展特色,发展为“咨询评估、科研探索、人才培养”三位一体的具有全球影响力的评价研究及服务机构。


Excellent Scholars at Home and Abroad 海内外优秀学者 (Ref: RC201003)

Job Description 岗位条件

Centre for Evaluation Studies is now inviting Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor at home and abroad with expertise in one or more of the following areas: Bibliometrics, Evaluation of Science and Technology, or a related discipline.



Job Requirement 岗位要求

Candidates should have a PhD in a related discipline. Full-time candidates are expected to be committed to excellence in undergraduate or postgraduate teaching. Successful candidates will also guide young teachers and graduate students at Beijing Normal University and UIC to carry out project related research work. Preference will be given to candidates who can undertake independent research leading to outstanding outcome, including publications in high quality international-refereed journals.



Benefits  福利待遇

A competitive remuneration package includes annual leave, medical benefits, a generous start-up fund, housing allowance or relocation allowance.



Appointment Terms 聘用条款

Appointment will normally be made on contract basis for up to three years with a possibility to be renewed upon mutual agreement. A tenured appointment will be considered after completion of two contracts. 


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